Ace responsive menu is a lightweight jQuery plugin to create responsive multi-level navigation menus with multi device support. Ace responsive menu comes with 3 variants like horizontal, vertical and accordion menu. It gives complete responsive menu solution for any kind of websites or admin templates. The plugin has clean and well commented valid code, easy to Integrate and modify.

Fully Responsive multi-level Menu
Menu Styles: Horizontal, Vertical and Accordion menu
4-Level Menu support
Icon Support [Integrated with FontAwesome] Click / Hover Events
Lightweight jQuery script
Valid HTML5 and CSS3
Bootstrap Compatible
Easy to Integrate & customize
Cross-browser support
Clean and well commented code

You can get it from here

or simply embed the following into your website

and for the css

You must attach the nav to the page with the toggler or the trigger button

I do recommend to center the menu Left or Right, and adding arrows to the menu css hierarchy as following

now you have to call the UL or the menu that you want to attach it to the responsive menu, first you need to get the menu html content then attach it the to ace Responsive menu as following

In case you have multilevel menu, and you need to manage the clicks on navigation menu to show and hide menu items and make the link logic clickable, we have a smart trick to divide the nav item into left and right side so once we click on the right side we execute the link href and once we click left we just show and hide the menu 😀

Here is a complete action of js

You might attach this into wordpress header or footer as following

you might add some fancy staff like advanced toggler