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6 Differences Between C# and Java: Objects ,Classes and DTs

One of the most important aspects of C-derived languages is object orientation. Objects and classes allow programs to specify methods and variables in one portion of code and use them again wherever necessary. While the basic structures of class construction remain consistent between C# and Java, some subtle differences my cause problems for developers unaccustomed […]

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virtual host configuration on wamp server

we need two configurations , one for windows and the other for apache server 1-) zendy in host file 2-) httpd-vhosts.conf in C:\wamp\bin\apache\apache2.2.2\conf\extra 3-) <VirtualHost *:80> ServerAdmin admin@localhost DocumentRoot “c:/wamp/www/” ServerName localhost ServerAlias www.localhost ErrorLog logs/localhost-error.localhost-error_log CustomLog logs/localhost-logs.localhost-access_log common </VirtualHost> <VirtualHost *:80> ServerAdmin admin@zendy DocumentRoot “c:/dev/zendy/public” ServerName zendy ServerAlias www.zendy ErrorLog logs/zendy-error.localhost-error_log CustomLog logs/zendy-logs.localhost-access_log common <Directory […]

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Every thing about database in Birzeit University

Hi every one , this post is a complete guide for computer science students for databases and mysql , we have : 1-lectures 2-practical videos 3-coding 4-projects —————————————— Practical Videos and code and implementation including : 1-netbeans 2-mysql admin 3-java 4-dal 5-views  Lets begin ! 3:39 1 MySQL And Java Tutorial using netbeans part1 | […]

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SSL Configuration on wamp server

I’ve just realized that I need this Apache 2.2.11 (include OpenSSL), to continue working using OpenSSL. Okay, let’s do the next steps. 1. Create SSL Certificate and Key a. Ekstrak OpenSSL to your directory, and copy this file: openssl.cnf to .\Apache2.2.11\conf\ from folder bin, copy all files to .\Apache2.2.11\bin\ // Replace the old files! b. […]

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