Data Structure and algorithms Material

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My Name is Ahmad.A.Naser i am a graduated C.S student from Birzeit University , during my study in Birzeit i had alot of materials and projects about data structures and algorithms , in this post i want to share some with you :


Implementations and code in java for the book

DataStructure :Download Code in Java Here

Algorithms : Download Code Here

 Project 3 in data structure is here

below is a list of project and useful stuff that might help , for some projects code is included in video description , please notify me by an email for any further help . Good luck

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    solving 2 Arrays Summation in linear time

    by Ahmad Naser 74 views

  2. Thumbnail10:02


    Best way for polynomial representation

    by Ahmad Naser 52 views

  3. Thumbnail0:19


    back track algorithim birzeit

    by Ahmad Naser 42 views

  4. Thumbnail4:28


    SE Project

    by Ahmad Naser 59 views

  5. Thumbnail9:16


    Hufman coding

    by Ahmad Naser 101 views

  6. Thumbnail19:59


    How to solve dijksta

    by Ahmad Naser 120 views

  7. Thumbnail9:32


    greedy algorithm for making money change

    by Ahmad Naser 1,690 views

  8. Thumbnail10:56


    ImagePanel in Java NetBeans

    by Ahmad Naser 939 views

  9. Thumbnail1:01


  10. Thumbnail1:59


  11. Thumbnail2:28


    Huffman Algorthm project 12-2011

    by Ahmad Naser 89 views

  12. Thumbnail7:02


    Java Database Project 24-4-2011.avi

    by Ahmad Naser 128 views

  13. Thumbnail15:01


    Java Security with DES

    by Ahmad Naser 190 views

  14. Thumbnail10:01


    RMI Socket Factory and Secure Connection

    by Ahmad Naser 109 views

  15. Thumbnail2:49


  16. Thumbnail3:30


    Java-GUI-IO-Eclipse part 1

    by Ahmad Naser 207 views

  17. Thumbnail3:30


    Java-GUI-IO-Eclipse part 1

    by Ahmad Naser 207 views

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