Windows Phone 7 Theme-Resources Cheat-Sheet


Instead of using hardcoded values for your font sizes, margins, and so on in your Windows Phone application, there are a lot of predefined resources already available you can just use.

Not only makes it your developer / designer life easier but it guarantees a consistent layout through all WP7-Apps, as long as you follow the others principle of the Metro design-language.

Of course you could lookup all those available resource-keys in the msdn. But after creating a few apps I was tired of opening my browser and calling my bookmark to the specific page. There are quite a few of the so called “cheat sheets” available for developing / designing applications for Windows Phone 7, but nothing yet for those resources. I have an education as a “Designer of digital and print media, specializing in non-print media operations” so I typeset such a Quick Reference Sheet with Adobe InDesign CS


Theme Resources for Windows Phone



ThemeResources if you want to run the application on your device or emulator

Theme resources are used by adding a StaticResource instead of setting the property manually.

<TextBlock Text=”Large text” Style=”{StaticResource PhoneTextLargeStyle}” /> <TextBlock Text=”Normal text” Style=”{StaticResource PhoneTextNormalStyle}” />