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Ahmad Naser Turnkey Solutions LLC (ANTS), was founded in 2011 by a team of talented and achievement oriented professionals. Over the years, we set our headquarters in Harvey, Louisiana and our Development Office In Ramallah-Palestine . Our service profile focuses on providing specialized IT services, Training Solutions and exceptional IT consultancy to organizations within various sectors. ANTS’s Continuous growth stems from strategic clarity, effective leadership, staff competency and customer focus. We have grown from a single department providing training services to a multi-departmental company specialized in providing enterprise organizations with a complete set of solutions that cover their entire IT lifecycle.
ANTS offers capacity building programs to raise the bar on professionalism. We ensure that our approach is trainee-oriented and meets the desired objective.
ANTS aims to invest in you project’s successful execution and stand by all involved stakeholders from initial concept to its completion.
We really enjoy designing and developing of web and android applications, creating user interfaces, front-end development, and server side development. Very motivated for teaching and learning new techs in web development, mobile and cloud. “Simply we live in the cloud”. Knowledge is known in two ways, either by discovery or by acquiring, and the most beneficial technology is the one which gathered from real IT life and real projects, our goal is to spread out our technical knowledge and make a clone of our knowledge to change other people life’s and consider it as corner stone to start their own careers and make their own success. As Technical Leaders with over 5 years in IT field ,leading the web development and design teams with the latest trends in web frameworks and technologies which highly satisfied our clients with high quality products , leading the games and mobile apps development team results in producing 6 successful mobile apps internally and for different clients in MENA region. Loving for teaching others about experience We gained is a passion. We give professional courses for corporate clients such as Jaffal Company, galaxy information system, in android, web development and social media. Besides that, We trained tens of Palestinian students on many technologies to get them on the right track of technologies needed by our Middle East market. Online training is another type of training, Thousands of developers and subscribers got the benefit from our online courses all over the world on YouTube and Udemy.


Specialities and Professional Training Areas: Web design, Web development, Apps Development, Games Development, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Programming, Desktop Application, Cloud, Moblie Applications Development, Professional Training Services, Social Media, Online Marketing, Ecommerce, CRM and more…

We’ve given training for thousands of students all around the world, about various technologies from web design to games development and we are happy to offer the following types of training:

  • Online Training: We have more than 7000 students enrolled in our courses, we teach apps, games, websites development from the ground up.
  • Organizations technical training regarding any aspect of apps development
  • Colleges and Universities Training: We can teach your university staff, students with the latest technologies in field of Web, Games and Apps Development.
  • School Students Training: we are talented in training, we can transfer your gifted students into the next generation of designers and developers with our practical methods of training.
  • One-To-One Training: this is special types of training that we offer in case you need to master any technical skills side by side.

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