New Course – Build Pokémon Ball Game in Unity

Great news!, We’ve just lanched Unity Games Lock and Unlock System course – Learn How to Build Pokémon Ball Game in Unity

Enroll Now– 88% OFF – First 20

This course that I wanted to have once I started in game development, because this course practical approach will teach you how to build your own game template from scratch  using unity game engine by following c# language best practices, you will build your fully featured lock/unlock system for levels, characters and many more.

And of course by end of this course you will have your own game template that you could use in the rest of your upcoming games.

We will start by creating a new project, importing assets and sprites, designing layout and menus, then code our games using c#.

But, What’s covered in this course?

We are going to build a general game layout, then create levels and menus, build a storage manager using player preferences and bind the data to a responsive slider, characters and levels. Implement multilayered audio manager to control music and sounds in the entire game, build pokemon ball game by adding player and enemies, adding joystick controller to player, using advanced c# techniques such as dynamic pooling, work with game manager, count down and up timer, add coins collection, basic game actions and we are going to show you how load scenes ansynchronously.

We are going to add sound effects, using more than one audio layer, work with canvas scalar and gridlayout, build characters and levels selection between scenes and add purchasable items inside the game.

We are going to implement In app purchase, banners, video and interstitials ads, share our game on social media, and share our game progress on google play leader board and unlock achievements and a lot more.

The best part of this course is the free live skype support, which available to you 24/7 in English and Arabic event If you are not enrolled in any other ahmad naser courses.

We are glad to offer you instant support from me and all the other active students thru live support and here in the course forums.

So, if you want to be a professional game developer, then this course is for you, check out the preview videos and hit that enroll button and let’s start this adventure together.

Enroll Now– 88% OFF – First 20

Enroll Now– 88% OFF – First 20

Thank you for your support

See you in class

Ahmad Naser