in order to migrate from shared hosting to vps, you have to request your vps from greenbackend ssd servers at this link, previous experience in Linux is required.

1-order your vps,

2-download mysql and your web folder from shared hosting as zip

3-install laravel via composer, make sure you have same php and same composer version

4-modify your php aapanel settings to match php requirements for laravel

you will need to do migration first, before you move the database, so first update composer then do the migration

other usefull commands

now, go to php my admin and clear all tables data, truncate tables ignoring foreign keys

go to the exported mysql file from godaddy and remove alter and create table commands, only keep insert commands, import with ignore foreign keys option in phpmyadmin wizard, after that run the above commands to refresh laravel, you good to go now.



Ahmad Naser