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Over the past several months, I have been working on this Unity course unlike any other course on Udemy – This is the course every Unity programmer needs and its perfect once you integrate it with my other courses!

Get any of the following courses for only $10​​​​​​

Then message Ahmad Naser and I will give you the Unity Professional Development From A to Z – Build 10 Games course for free.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Game Design and colors branding trends.
  • Unity3D Development Fundemantals.
  • Design Complete Professional Unity3D Storyboard Game.
  • Build Your Android Version of the game.
  • Build Your IOS Version of the game and XCode Integration.
  • Build And Sell Your Own Unity3d Package to Unity Asset Store.
  • Work with all types of screens (splash, about us, settings, reset, stages, levels, in game, upcomming).
  • Work with all types of dialogs (pause,timeout,win,lose,exit,confirmation,3 stars).
  • Configure game shared preferences storage to store user playing records.
  • Restart the game to factory settings.
  • Publish the game to Google Play Store.
  • Publish the game to Unity Asset Store.
  • Publish the game to Apple IOS Store.
  • Discover the mobile apps monetization methods.
  • Integrate and monetize your game with ads.
  • Get thousands of free app installs and traffic to your games.


You are going to get 7 Projects worthy over $400 once you register in the course:

  1. Flaty Box Game
  2. Unity StoryBoard UI KIT ($75)
  3. Draw-on-screen (50$)
  4. Stickers 2d (35$)
  6. Android ML App + Course ($199)
  7. Clony Bird Game
  8. Clony Bird Game Manual

​ And much much more!​

يمكنك الاشتراك بباقي دوراتنا باللغة العربية والحصول على خصم كبير عبر الروابط التالية


الدورة الشاملة لمطور الويب
الدورة الشاملة لمطور الالعاب

دورة تطبيقات الموبايل بالكوردوفا والفون جاب


Download Our Projects from the Unity Asset Store!

Basketball Shooter 2D!/content/21700

Draw on Screen!/content/21878

Three Stars Win Dialog!/content/21744

Game Storyboard UI KIT!/content/22366

Stickers 2D!/content/22513

Alphabet Board (Updated)!/content/26432

Shapes Board (Updated)!/content/32596

Number Board (Updated)!/content/32597

Arabic Alphabet Board (Updated)!/content/54944

Mindizor Type In Arabic (Updated)!/content/58396

Mindizor In App Purchase Soomla (Updated)

Paint Book 2D!/content/26999

Toys Garden!/content/27503

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Hi! I'm Ahmad. I have a degree in Computer Science from Birzeit University and you might call me a bit of computer geek. I am the Founder of Greenbackend Turnkey Solutions a leading Cloud and Hosting Company in the Middle East, Also I am the Founder of Ahmad Naser Turnkey Solutions in Harvey, LA, USA. I'm comfortable with a large range of languages and techniques. After implementing enterprise applications using Salesforce and Siebel CRM for 3 years and with professional experience in building websites, cloud apps, iOS apps, Unity games, Android mobile apps and educational games for 8 years. I decided to share my technical knowledge with people all over the world to benefit from my experience and build their own careers specially because I am a real world example with over 20 successful apps on Google Play Store, Asset Store and Apple Store, So your success is mine and I want to help you reach your goals step by step exactly as I do. I'm passionate about teaching people about technologies, so from time to time I gave courses online and in learning centers and teach beginners and professionals on many technologies and development frameworks. One of my greatest goals in life is growing the next generation of software professionals and to keep teaching programming at every opportunity I get. I can't wait to help you experience the achievement and financial freedom that having a deep understanding of technology brings. So why not start learning to design & develop now by joining our epic Unity 3D professional 2d game development course? See you soon! Ahmad