WP Mail SMTP Configure Custom Google Domain Email Sender

I use Gmail for all my different email addresses including some custom domain names.

One of the annoying things with the default setup is that it includes the “Sender” field in the message, for Domain Keys compatiblity, which some email clients (Outlook & Hotmail for starters) use to display the email as “From myemail@gmail.com on behalf of myemail@mycustomdomain.com”.

The solution is to configure Gmail to use a different SMTP server (eg. from your ISP) to send emails from your custom domain, but not everyone has access to an SMTP server that supports this. For instance Sky’s SMTP server rewrites all messages as coming from your sky.com address.

There is a solution though. Use Gmail’s SMTP servers.
screenshot-1 wp-mail-smtp-gmail-custom-domainedit wordpress smtp email settings as in the image above

  • SMTP Server:  smtp.gmail.com
  • Port:  587
  • Username:  Your google account (including @gmail.com or @customdomain.com)
  • Password:  Your google password
  • Secured using TLS