Top Monetization Plugins for Unity3D including In App Purchase and Ads Types

Unity is the most popular game engine today and many mobile game developers are choosing it to develop games for iOS and Android. While Unity makes it much easier to develop great looking cross platform games it doesn’t solve one of the biggest problems in mobile games today – the monetization problem.

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In this article, we are going to cover:


  • Types of monetization in mobile games
  • Selling virtual goods via In-App Purchase (IAP)
  • Advertising
  • Top Unity ads Plugins
  • Top Video ads Plugins
  • Recommended courses on monetization for unity games
  • Summary of the major players in the monetization market



As of today, Unity is the biggest eco system for mobile game developers with about 1/2 of the developers claiming they are using Unity and about 1/3 of the game apps in the market place built with it. Unity has +2M registered developers and +700K active ones. However, as much as Unity can help you make your game, you still have to turn revenue. For that purpose you can add plugins that will help you monetize your mobile game.


There are two main monetization categories:



  • 1-)Selling virtual goods via In-App Purchase (IAP)
  • 2-)Advertising



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1-)Selling virtual goods via In-App Purchase (IAP)



Anyone that tried to implement IAP in Unity on their own will tell you it’s a huge mistake. There are great plugins that will help you do that and save you about a month’s work and endless amounts of headache. There are some differences between them so we created a simple table to help you compare. The differences are along these attributes:


Type – some plugins include just the IAP library while others also includes a framework to help you set up your virtual goods and ingame economy

Platforms – some vendors offer a cross platform plugin while others requires you to purchase a separate plugin for each platform and there are also differences around which platforms are supported

Popularity – popular plugins are more battle tested and are more likely to offer future versions and extensions

Support – some plugins are supported by the vendor while others allow you to get direct support as well as community support

Price – range from free to $175 per plugin



Vendor Type Platforms Popularity Support Price  Virtual economy + IAP library Cross platform: iOS, Android and Amazon High Community + Team Free and Open source IAP library Separate plugins for Android and iOS High Direct support (average) $60-$70 IAP library cross platform: Google + Apple + Windows + Amazon Mid-High Direct Support $175 IAP library Different plugins for Android and iOS Mid Direct $30-$35




The second option for monetizing Unity games is advertising. These plugins work a bit differently than the IAP ones as they all require signing up and some of them even have a qualification process. They differ on a few levels:

  • Ad formats
  • Offers – value exchange where users are rewarded by coins to see ads
  • Video – video ads shown inside your game
  • Interstitial – full page banner ads
  • Advertised products – some ads will show other games while other ads can feature brands
  • Payment model
  • CPM – fixed fee for each 1,000 impressions
  • CPC – fee per click
  • CPI – fee per install
  • CPCV – fee per each completed video view
  • Rev-Share – the ad network pays a ratio of what they are getting from the advertisers
  • Popularity – more popular plugins are usually more tested and proven


Vendor Ad Formats Advertised Products Payment Model Popularity Interstitial and Video Games only CPI High Reward Ads Mostly Games CPI High Video CPCV Mostly Games Mid-High Video and Offers Games and Brand Rev-Share Mid-High Video Mostly Games Rev-Share Mid-High Interstitial, banners,3d,Overlay,AppWall Mostly Games, Apps CPC,CPM High premium full screen ads Mostly Games CPM High



Top Unity ads Plugins

We found 12 Unity Plugins that can help you with that and we’ve listed the Top 12 plugins here:

#1 Startapp

#2 Adbuddiz

#3 Roar Engine

#4 Place Play

#5 PlayHeaven

#6 Inneractive


#8 InMobi

#9 Prime31

#10 Unibill

#11 The SOOMLA Project

#12 Hippo Games In-App Purchase Unity Plugin




Top Video ads Plugins


Video is one of the fastest growing areas of mobile and in-app advertising.  A recent report,Mobile video ad reached $1.5B at the end of 2014, up from the $722 million spent in 2013.

Mobile video ads accounted for nearly 25 percent of all digital video ad spending last year, a number that will climb to nearly 30 percent by the end of this year. Future predictions predict that by the end of 2018 that figure will quadruple to over $6 billion.

All the companies featured on the following list will help developers and brands to monetize their apps or videos with most, if not all, specializing in app and video advertising across major platforms such as android and iOS.

One important area that is reshaping the digital media landscape is programmatic advertising and the automation of online ad-buying. Many networks are creating, or already have, exchanges to trade mobile/in-app video ads programmatically. Specialist exchange networks such as Vungle are leading the way and is why the company tops our list.

Another large area of growth is the use of mobile and app video ads increasingly appealing to performance advertisers as well as brands, for example the use of app video ads for promoting apps or games. Social media and technology giants such as Facebook and YouTube/Google are already offering mobile video formats with a potentially huge market ready to be tapped into.

Here’s our list of top 10 mobile/app video advertising networks to help time-poor app developers seek the best way of monetizing their work.


The Full list:

  • Vungle
  • AdColony
  • Vdopia
  • Inneractive
  • NativeX
  • UnityAds
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Beachfront Media
  • YuMe





Summary of the major players in the monetization market:


Kii, Kiip, Chartboost, AdColony, EveryPlay, Playhave, Visualtap, Flurry / Flurry Video, Appnext, Codefuel, Startapp, AdBuddiz, Admob, Nexage, AppWiz, Revmob, Heyzap, Tapjoy, Prime31.


Network Platform Known Model Supported Ad Format Mediation House Ads
AdMob iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 CPC Banner, Smart Banner, Interstitial, Search, Table Yes Yes
mMedia iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, Symbian, Java, WebOS CPC, CPM, CPA Banner, Interstitial, Interactive Video, Rich Media Yes Yes
Adfonic iOS, Android CPC, CPM Banner, Interstitial, Video, Rich Media Yes Yes
Chartboost iOS, Android CPC, CPI Interstitial No Yes
Tapjoy iOS, Android, Windows Phone CPI Banner, Interstitial, Video, Offer Wall Yes No
Aditic iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Java, Samsung Bada CPC Banner, Expandable, Interstitial, Splash Screen, Video No Yes
Admoda Android CPC, CPM, Flat Rate Banner, Post-roll, Text, Click-to-Call No Yes
Flurry iOS, Android CPC, CPM, CPI Banner, Interstitial, Video, Takeover Yes Yes
HUNT iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry CPC, CPM, CPA Banner, Expandable, Interstitial, Video Yes No
InMobi iOS, Android, Windows Phone CPC, CPM Banner, Expandable, Interstitial, Video, Text, Rich Media Yes Yes
Jumptap iOS, Android, Blackberry CPC Banner, Interstitial, Video, Rich Media Yes Yes
Kiip iOS, Android CPI Offer Wall No No
Madvertise iOS, Android CPC, CPM Banner, Expandable, Overlay, Video Overlay, Flip, Engagement Yes Yes
Mobfox iOS, Android CPC, CPM Banner, Video Yes Yes
MobPartner iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, Java CPC, CPI, CPS, CPL, Hybrid Banner, Interstitial, Video, Offer Wall No No
MoPub iOS, Android CPC, CPM Banner, Expandable, Interstitial, Video, ORMMArich Media Ads, Landing Page Yes Yes
Mojiva iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, Java, QT CPC, CPM Banner, Expandable, Interstitial, Video, Text, Table Yes No
PlayHaven iOS, Android CPI Interstitial, Offer Wall No No
RevMob iOS, Android CPI Banner, Interstitial No No
Smaato iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Samsung Bada, Symbian CPC, CPM Banner, Expandable, Interactive Banner, Floating Banner, Video, Text Yes Yes



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