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Unity3D Stickers 2D Game Step By Step Now On Udemy

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A complete step by step Unity beginners course to design & build 2D Stickers Matching Game using Illustrator & Unity3D.

  • Jrwat Ttnam says:

    stickers 2d game . simple to learn

    stickers 2d game . i do it step by step on lecture. and i think it easy to learn by doing game.

  • Andres Pascasio says:

    Uses an existing project as the basis to develop the topics on how to create 2d stickers.

    It is a great way to learn Unity with practical projects. A basic understanding of Unity is required to be able to take advantage of this course. Or serious excellent that, in the course, there will be basic Unity videos, management of the environment and as the base project was created. very clear and easy to implement, course I enjoyed

  • Maryan Osman says:

    You can learn a lot from this short course. Basically you can make fun kids games in Unity3D. In the course description, I think it says you need Adobe Illustrator BUT I am a Gimp user and if you have gimp(Free) it is good enough to create your vectors. The instructor is helpful and answers you question quickly and professionally. Overall, I am happy with this course!

  • Asma says:

    Amazing Course its Worth it!

    As a graphic designer with without any previous knowledge in Unity3D i was able to make my version of this game with all the steps, Thanks Mr.AhmadNaser for this great effort and high quality direct to the point Course.We need such a courses in order to design complete projects not only samples demo that are not usable as in the other unity courses on the web.

  • Hassan Gulzar says:

    The content is comprehensive and informative and met my expectations. You’ll accomplish the claimed course title in a single 3 to 4 hour sitting.

  • Ahmad Abdel says:

    Well Organized,Complete Project Based Course without any kind of programming

    I am new to unity3d, I search the whole internet on how to make an image matching game and did not find any way how?, This course helped me step by step to make an image matching game, in less than two hours i was able to customize the project from this course and mastered how to make my own game in details, in addition this course saved my money with Stickers 2d project gained from this course which is 35$ on asset store, Looking forward for more courses on this basis Mr Ahmad.Thank You!.

  • Mark Marshall says:

    Great short game class

    Very nice Unity3d and Illustrator game class. The instructor takes you through the complete path of using adobe illustrator and unity3d creating a fun simple game named stickers 2d.We need such a course focusing on results including the design in illustrator and unity, its very clear course and easy to implement, I enjoyed it, i the instructor promptly answered my questions and provided me with all the support needed, that’s why i decided to write this review.Keep up the good work Mr.Ahmad.

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