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Unity3D Professional 2D Game Development From A to Z Course

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  • You want to be a professional 2d games developer in one week!
  • You need to start your games development business for android or iOS.
  • You want to make money by selling the games you will make by end of this course
  • You want to get thousands of app-installs to your game for free!

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  • Steren King says:

    The most valuable Unity course I’ve ever taken

    Thanks Ahmad for this great course, I have joined the course and received all the assets, I am on section 5 already feeling I got more than i paid, I really liked the UI KIT Integration i was making this from scratch it took me like a month but with the UI Kit i was able to make and deliver the game to client with little customization, I recommend this course not only for beginners but also for unity developers who are in need for great interface design with almost all the mobile functionalities such as Local-storage,Responsive UI, dialogs,stages slider,about us slider and many more. Waiting for your next course!

  • Hazim Hashlamoun says:

    Great course !

    I really interested learning during this course which helped me so much starting with unity and the instructor made the logic easy to understand by game example .

  • Arshad Syed says:

    Awesome!!! Worth every penny!!

    I am only on lesson 6 and I am already feeling I got my money’s worth. To begin with there are a lot of free goodies (assets) totaling approx. $150. The instructor is very responsive and responded to my emails promptly. This is one of the few courses that actually covers the complete making of a professional game, not just a few scenes. Also, the UI kit has scripts to handle resizing for different resolutions, so that is one less worry. Syed

  • Theresa T says:

    Amazing! Best Teacher I’ve Come Across on Udemy! Just what I was looking for!

    If I could give this course 100 stars, I would! Ahmad is a truly gifted teacher who knows how to explain this technical subject matter in an easy to understand way, so that even a complete newbie like me can learn how to create games! Prior to finding Ahmad’s course, I tried taking some other courses on coding and app development and the instructions were either too complicated or they just covered very basic skills that I didn’t know how to convert into apps and other fun projects. This course is amazing because it really brings together the technical side of things, in an easy to understand way and Ahmad combines the information so that we end up with a complete project and a finished game at the end. More importantly, though, through this project-based format, we gain the knowledge to create unlimited, unique games of our own. I am so excited that I found this course and that I came across Ahmad. It’s very difficult to find such amazing teachers, who explain things in an easy to understand way, when dealing with a technical topic such as this. Thanks so much, Ahmad, for providing this wonderful course that teaches people a highly valuable skill that’s a ton of fun too!

  • Darren Fritts says:

    You get more than your money’s worth with this course

    This course is a fantastic resource for creating a base game that can then be customized (use your own sprites, color scheme, sound and special effects, etc.) to suit your personal vision for your game. While the instructor takes you through step-by-step to create a 2D game, the framework created in this course can be swapped out with 3D assets to make either a 3D or a 2.5D Game if you want to keep the 2D perspective, but use 3D assets to build your scenes. Great instructor and great course. If you follow along with what is taught here, you will have a complete 2D game that can be customized and sold commercially when you’re finished with the course.

  • Muhammed Alhamori says:

    Detailed Course

    this course is highly recommended, because it is very detailed course, it contains design and programming knowledge, and i recommend its instructor for beginner students 🙂

  • Hussain Shahbaz says:


    I’m a beginner but this course is definitely gonna make me expert at some level. Thanks.

  • Shigeryu says:

    The best tutorial for everyone!

    This tutorial is really excellent from A to Z, no difficulty, that his is within the reach of all and I highly recommended in addition to having a very good track, good tutorial to all =)

  • Cherie Kilburn says:

    As always I love his Courses

    Detailed and easy to follow Thanks for the great job.

  • Tom Piper says:

    Ahmad Naser Is Just Great

    This course is really epic, it is clear and instructions are great … Don’t doubt this course just get it 😀

  • Fredrick Turner says:

    Awesome Teacher

    5 Stars!

  • Joe Marshall says:

    2D Side Scroller in Unity

    Ahmad is well versed in computer science and game development using Unity. This course will certainly make a great starter project for your side scroller game. Take the knowledge and transfer it to a unique game concept and a large portion of the work is already done. Thanks Ahmad.

  • Salim Ben says:

    Thank you Naser for this great valuable course of Unity 2d game development, I highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn how to create 2d games. I am enjoying the course 🙂

  • Ángel Navarro Baeza says:

    Absolutely Recommended!!

    The course teaches how to create a complete game from scratch. The instructor explains everything step by step and is very attentive. Thanks!

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