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Ahmad Hammad better known by his online name “Ahmad Naser” is the founder of ANTS with his 10+ years experiece as designer and developer and after building applications for about 8 years, noticed a lot of people struggling to learn how to code. he wanted others to have the same freedoms that he enjoyed, so we started teaching games and web development with one thing in mind:

Learning to code doesn’t have to be frustrating, overwhelming, or complicated.

Unfortunately, too many online coding courses move too quickly, assume you already have advanced technical knowledge, or don’t teach any practical skills.

The most valuable Unity course I’ve ever taken.
Thanks Ahmad for this great course, I have joined the course and received all the assets, I am on section 5 already feeling I got more than i paid.
-Steren King

Amazing! Best Teacher I’ve Come Across on Udemy! Just what I was looking for!
If I could give this course 100 stars, I would! Ahmad is a truly gifted teacher who knows how to explain this technical subject matter in an easy to understand way, so that even a complete newbie like me can learn how to create games!
-Theresa T

You get more than your money’s worth with this course.
This course is a fantastic resource for creating a base game that can then be customized (use your own sprites, color scheme, sound and special effects, etc.) to suit your personal vision for your game.
-Darren Fritts

I’m a beginner but this course is definitely gonna make me expert at some level. Thanks.
-Hussain Shahbaz

Absolutely Recommended!!.
The course teaches how to create a complete game from scratch. The instructor explains everything step by step and is very attentive. Thanks!
-Ángel Navarro Baeza

Ahmad Naser Is Just Great.
This course is really epic, it is clear and instructions are great … Don’t doubt this course just get it 😀
-Tom Piper

2D Side Scroller in Unity.
Ahmad is well versed in computer science and game development using Unity. This course will certainly make a great starter project for your side scroller game. Take the knowledge and transfer it to a unique game concept and a large portion of the work is already done. Thanks Ahmad.
-Joe Marshall

Excellent Courses.
I like instructor clear description and kindness give packages
-Wei-ming Ma

Ahmad is very good teacher. He helped me to solve some issues during this course.
-Miroslav Sulak

Get something published quickly.
If you want to understand the basics of Unity and get something published quickly, then this is the course for you.
-Jon Scriven

Best Instructors On Udemy!.
I have tried Unity3d many times in the past, but since starting this course, I now feel that I have a far better more grounded understanding of Unity than ever before. This is I think the right way to learn, starting with the basics and developing real-time game projects. the tutorial video and sound quality are awesome. I could not be happier. I can guarantee I will be signing up for any future courses this gentlemen instruct.
-Dhondi Srikanth

This is a great course for anyone who wants to get their feet wet and plunge into the world of gaming. Ahmad has gone from the very basics to publishing your game with multiple levels ready to make you money with your first published game. Totally new to the gaming world and programming can be a challenge but he knows his stuff and learning from him is a great experience for me. Less scared now of coding 🙂 Highly recommend anyone who wants to learn how to build 2d Games using Unity.
-Anju Banu

Library of Information.
For any aspiring game developer there are many things to learn. This course brings the majority of that information to you. From a simple game creation walkthrough, usage and updating GUI menu system to various methods of monetization. Sometimes you just need that boost of information and this course provides that boost. I highly recommend it for the developer wanting to enter into the mobile game development market.
-Chris Sanders

Absolutely Amazing Course.
This course is EXACTLY what I was looking for and covered everything I needed to create my first app. From setting up the scene to adding ads, this course teaches you the basics that every beginner needs to know. What really makes the course so great is the instructor Ahmad. If you have any questions just post them in the discussion and he will answer it within a day. I’ve take quite a few Udemy courses and I’ve never met an Instructor so dedicated to offering support and wanting to see you succeed. Absolutely amazing course. I strongly recommend this course for anyone who wants create an app.
-Dexter Allison

Just an overall amazing course to take!.
They get straight to the point and how to make a game is hard but they put it in such an easy way!
-Kelly Jackson

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Before we begin talking about our company and its services you can have a look at our latest courses below!


We’re an agency born out of a passion to make great products. We help companies and startups from all over the world materialize their ideas into great projects

Web Design & Development
Android App Development
IOS Development
2D Games Development
Software Development
User Experience

Our Team

We’re a small, friendly and talented team. We craft beautiful apps and games for awesome clients across all the platforms.

CEO and Senior Developer/Designer
Sound Engineer/Illustrator/Composer
UI/UX Designer


We believe that apps and games should not only be eye catching but actually provide a great user experience that users will remember.

Web Design & Development

It is more than a passion, we built more than 50 web app thru our lifetime experience by applying the latest technologies and trends.

2D Games & Assets Development

We build and design 2d games assets and plugins specifically for the unity platform and with integration tools for back-end and cloud apps, we published more than 10 assets on the unity asset store like Storyboard UI Kit and our team is ready to convert your idea into a game or an asset.


We had a vast experience in development and customization of various implementations in crm systems for ordering, invoicing, inventories, elearning, portals, tasks and cases management, workflows and approvals, lead management and many others using salesforce crm and vtiger.


We build and deploy hybrid mobile applications for both android and ios using many technologies such as phonegap, smartface and conduit.We are using our wp-mindizor framework to build the backend of the hybrid mobile app using wordpress.

iOS Development

We’re awesome at coding iPhone and iPad apps. We’ll help you from idea to the finished application including the deployment and the publishing to apple ios store with support for app monetization using ads and IAP, we prefer to use swift programming language with xcode as a development methodology!


We give professional training for corporates, organizations, companies on various technologies and lead them achieve their technical goals, besides that we lead and organize technical events and workshops on the latest trends in cloud, mobile apps development, web development and design.

Social Media Coverage

We are social media specialist and implementers, had many success stories with our clients by increasing their revenue and social appearance with a one-stop-shop solution for their business needs.


We Help organizations, training centers, companies in R&D for their needs and requirements including technical proof of concept,requirements analysis and planning for apps development,cost estimation, time estimation for mobile and web apps, processes decoupling, work flows guidance, process sketching and presentation, illustration and the how-to training.Also we are excellent technical writers!, we help teams and project managers in the detailed technical writing and scope of work documentation to meet the client needs and expectations within their time and budget.


We are specialized in Cloud apps deployment and migration from existing traditional hosted apps to the windows azure platform.

Branding & UI/UX Design

We are talented designers and multi-skills innovators, we helped and guided many clients around the world to design and establish their unique brand including logos, brand book and products design covering visual branded-pictures, videos and social media branded-content.

Software Development

We were raised in the industrial field and we have the in-depth knowledge in the enterprise applications, Web and mobile apps development, we are focusing on the turnkey solutions to the clients by applying the best solution to their requirements within their budget and the time.

Android Apps Development

We apply the best practices in development, design and publishing of android apps and helped many organizations to develop their android apps by applying our comprehensive development techniques.

User Experience

At the heart of everything we do lies a great user experience. We take pride in our interfaces and really think and test them through executing interaction design and visual design, Consulting with clients and lead experience architect, Researching interaction design trends and Researching technology trends

Online Training

We give professional training to thousands of students, developers, designer all over the world with online courses about mobile development, cloud apps development, web development and unity 2d games development on Udemy, Fedora & Youtube to take them from beginner level to professional level.


We produce high quality audio and videos for our clients including promotional videos, social media videos and we help our clients in converting their ideas into a must watch video! with our wide experience in this field!.


This is one of our unique services, we offer a complete project based training per request in topics related to android, ios,.net,unity 2d,social apps,nosql, web development, php, wordpress, zend, symphony, angular, cloud types iaas, paas , saas using rackspace, azure and amazon cloud and many others and helping students to get their tasks done with a one-to-one training that covers every aspect in their technical project requirements to insure they master the required skills in the current project and later on in their own career.


We work with great brands. Close partnerships with really cool clients let us do world-class work.